Granulés Zupreem 1,4kg
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Granulés Zupreem 1,4kg

pellets for parrots Zupreem 100% natural 1,4 kg


ZuPreem Natural Bird Food pellets is a complete food 100% natural wich is convenient for all parrots species. This is a perfect food for people who want to feed their bird in a natural and equilibrate way. ZuPreem Natural Bird Food pellets contain all vitamins and minerals that your bird need so any additional food could harm your parrot.

For a complete diet, make sure that ZuPreem Natural Bird Food pellets constitue 80% of the food of your parrot and complete the other 20% by vegetables and fruits.

Proteins : 20 % / fat level : 10 % / fibre : 3 % / humidity : 10 % 

  • 21 vitamins and minerals per pellet
  • contains fresh vegetables of the garden
  • no colorant
  • naturally preserved


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