Yello-faced Amazon
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Yello-faced Amazon

AMAZON PARROT with yellow face

Scientific name: A. Xanthops
Country of origin: Brazil
The whole of the plumage is green. The auricular face, crown, lores
and covers are yellow.The other feathers of the head are green broadsides of dark green. The
chest, the belly and the thighs also have the green feathers bordered
of dark green.The sides of the body orange, are more or less hidden by the wings.
The tail is green with the base of the external rectrices orange-red.
The overcaudal ones and thecaudal ones are greenyellowish. The ocular circle is white, the yellow iris. The nozzle is color horn, with a large black mark towards the base of the higher mandible. The wax is pink, with an unusual appearance at the amazones. The nostrils are prominent.

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