Eleveuse parrot
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Eleveuse parrot

This éleveuse parrots pressurized makes it possible to get an ideal environment for the breeding of the significant species (parrots, raptors, exotics...). The entering air passes through a filter to electrostatic water which purifies it and humidifies it, circulates in the cockpit then is regenerated and disencumbered of the pousières and sleeping bags emitted by by the young people thanks to a second filter.
The heating is ensured by a special resistance low temperature included in the content of éleveuse and is controlled by a thermostat with regulation proportional which gets an unequalled soft heat. Display temperature digital. Broad sliding gate to reach the birds.
Filtered light controlled by a switch, cockpit entirely nettoyable (not of angle, not of niche with bacteria!) - 4 removable vats to lay out the animals to with it.
Cuts: 475 mm x 450 mm diameter - Stackable
Consumption 220 V/60 W (average) - 125 W (maximum)

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