Red-fronted Parrot
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Red-fronted Parrot

Country of origin: Africa of the mid-west.

Cut: 27-30 cm


It is a primarily green bird with orange marks with reds. The face, the crown, the edge of the wings and the thighs are orange-red. The back and the feathers of the wings are brownish with black with a fine green edge. The belly is green with sometimes a bluish nuance.The tail is green yellowish. Thewing ones are black with a broad green extremity. The tail is black brownish. The higher mandible is noirâtre with the base of color horn.The lower mandible is entirely black. The legs are gray dark. The iris red, is surrounded of a gray ocular circle clearly.

Some couples would be sexables with the colouring of the iris: brown reddish in the male, brown in the female.The young people do not have the color orange-red with the head, the wings and the thighs.The final colors are obtained only at age the four years, even five to six years for few specimens.

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